Tiny Tigers

Tiny Tigers - Program (3 - 5 years)


For many tigers, this is their first experience in a class setting. During classes, in addition to learning basic taekwondo blocks, kicks and punches, Tigers are learning and developing their listening, self-control, self confidence, and social skills. As Tigers work through the Tiny Tiger Color Belts, they will learn rules and the 5 Taekwondo Family Codes, which includes, "Tell the Truth"? Additionally, rules of your Tiger’s home and school/daycare are reinforced.

Tiny Tiger program(Taekwondo for kids) are up-beat and high-energy, accompanied with positive reinforcement. At the end of some classes, Tigers are engaged in a group game, such as Spider Ball. At the end of every regular class, a few Tigers are called out by the Instructor to receive recognition for doing a good job in class so they will receive tape on their belt to encouraged good behavior and good spirit.