FIT - Program (+13 years)


For students ages 15 and older, we emphasize the development of the whole person. Students receive more detailed taekwondo instruction, while they experience a vigorous fun fitness program. The training includes a combination of exercises for both body and mind. On the physical side, your body is strengthened by cardiovascular workouts as well as isometric and dynamic tension exercises. Mental training includes self defense techniques, which enable you to respond quickly to any dangerous situation. Our approach helps everyone, regardless of athletic abilities.

As teens grapple with that place between childhood and adulthood, this program helps them learn to set appropriate boundaries and use their voices effectively. During class more focus is given to techniques and their applications in everyday life. Our approach helps everyone, regardless of athletic abilities. Our Teens & Adults train together. All students benefit as they further develop their leadership skills, self discipline, self-confidence and improve their overall health.